Needless to say, this is not the Watergate story that has come down to us over the decades.
   It is also only fair to point out that virtually all the more conventional Watergate histories –especially the more-or-less official version as promulgated by the Washington Post – dismiss it out of hand as dangerous “revisionist” history. If you’re not careful, you

might even end up being called a “conspiracy theorist."
  And if all else fails, they can always call you crazy – which is what happened to a young lawyer named Phillip Bailley, one of the principle witnesses to this roundly ignored bit of American history.
   When it appeared that he might be foolish enough to blow the whistle on Heidi and her call girl ring, he was

locked up at St. Elizabeth's, the District of Columbia’s mental hospital. In the ward for the criminally insane, no less.
  Some forty years later, rhetorically at least, that’s still the last line of defense for those who would like this story to go away. But it’s not going to work much longer.
  We’ve got photos. What’s more, we’ve got Heidi’s little black book.

2:30 a.m., June 17, 1972 — Five men in business suits, wearing surgical gloves and carrying electronic gear, were arrested at gunpoint inside the offices of the DNC, located in a plush, new apartment office complex called the Watergate.

Joe Nesline was top dog in the D.C. underworld. Here he is, celebrating New Year’s at Billy’s, the mob’s favorite hangout in the nation’s capital. Heidi’s on his left, his young wife Josephine to his right. Quite a threesome, in more ways than one.

Heidi was the mob’s girl, all right. In 1966, the mob was setting up a casino in Antigua – and of course Heidi was down there doing her thing. That’s where she met George Owen, who took her back to Dallas. Then she met Mo – and that’s where this story really gets going.

Watch the sensational new video trailer for White House Call Girl. The song featured in this short film is Harlem Nocturne by the Viscounts, a staple of the Burlesque scene.

Phil Stanford is a true crime writer with a special interest in political corruption. Other books include Portland Confidential, which won the Independent Publisher’s “Best True Crime” award for 2005.

Josephine Alvarez, ex-wife of D.C. crime boss Joe Nesline, was Heidi's best friend. She's been an important source for White House Call Girl. This is her story, as only she can tell it.